Shocks and acid and fire – oh my!

Shocks and acid and fire – oh my!

The editor of BodyShop Business and I talk about the risks and rewards of body shops taking on EV work.

EVs with high voltage (HV) batteries can be a tricky thing for body shops to handle. If a vehicle is in even a minor fender-bender, there’s a lot that can go wrong if the battery – which in some cases can be up to 25% of the vehicle’s overall weight – has been compromised.

So, what’s a body shop to do to keep its technicians safe when working on EVs, while maintaining its reputation of doing great quality work?

To answer this question, I talk with Jason Stahl, editor of BodyShop Business, who has 15 years of experience reporting on the auto body repair market. We discuss how body shops can determine if they’re ready to work on EVs, the investment necessary, the tools they need to get the job done right and much more.

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