Why a 12-volt battery is still essential in EVs

Why a 12-volt battery is still essential in EVs

A device similar to an alternator, called a DC-DC converter, charges the 12-volt battery from the high-voltage battery pack.

Did you know that most electric vehicles still rely on a good old 12-volt battery? Despite that huge battery nestled below your feet, it’s the 12-volt battery that powers everything from your EV’s windshield wipers to its airbags.

For good reason we often marvel at the high-voltage systems that propel us forward, but it’s that trusty 12-volt battery that quietly maintains the heartbeat of the vehicle’s auxiliary components. So, why is the 12-volt battery so indispensable in an EV? It’s about functionality and adherence to safety regulations.

For example, the 12-volt battery is used to power essential components. Without the motor running, it’s the 12-volt battery that steps up, energizing systems like the electronic power steering, stability control, and cabin comfort features, from fans to heated seats.

It’s also a safety net during failures. In the event that the vehicle’s high-voltage battery is compromised, the 12-volt battery ensures that safety systems remain operational, allowing for safe vehicle control or shutdown.

Given its crucial role, the 12-volt battery in electric vehicles isn’t just a legacy component – it’s actually a key player in the EV ecosystem, and because of this, regular maintenance and awareness of its health are essential for a smooth and safe driving experience.

Surprisingly, a lot of EV roadside assistance calls are due to 12-volt battery issues. That’s why regular checks are so important, especially since some EVs rely on the 12-volt battery for their startup sequence. Regular inspections for signs of corrosion and ensuring the terminals are clean are recommended to prevent power issues.

Most EVs use lead-acid batteries, but some opt for AGM, EFB, or lithium-ion types for enhanced performance and longevity. A device similar to an alternator, called a DC-DC converter, charges the 12-volt battery from the high-voltage battery pack, ensuring it stays charged while the EV is running or plugged in.

When it’s time for a replacement, leave it to the professionals. Because that connection exists between the 12-volt and high-voltage batteries, you can really hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Incorporating the 12-volt battery in electric vehicles is not just a nod to tradition; it’s a practical and necessary solution to ensure the smooth operation of essential systems. So next time you hop in an EV, remember to thank the little guy.

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