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Reviewing the Super73-R Brooklyn ebike


It’s an exciting time for the ePowersports industry – especially ebikes. As my local Ohio weather has gotten warmer in the last couple months and I began hitting the Metroparks again, the amount of electric bicycles I spot in 2022 is just bonkers.

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And, that’s for good reason. They’re a fun twist on an old classic, and are approachable by just about everyone. That’s why I was so jealous when my friend and colleague Meagan from Motorcycle & Powersports News was given the opportunity to review the new Super73-R Brooklyn.

How’d she like it? In her own words:

“To sum up my riding experience, I’d say it was a blast! These bikes pack just enough thrill to give users a taste of urban (or off-road) motorized riding without breaking the bank or taking up a lot of space. Heck, I was tempted to purchase one myself!”


Below is the link to the full review of the Super73-R Brooklyn from our friends at Motorcycle & Powersports News.

Editor’s Note: We had the opportunity to check out this Super73-R Brooklyn ebike here at Babcox Media in Akron, Ohio, and everyone just had an absolute blast. A big thank you to the Super73 team for giving us the opportunity to shoot additional video and play with it in our own parking lot.

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