Grid management at the intersection of hardware and software

Grid management at the intersection of hardware and software

We discuss the need for renewable energy generation and the benefits of managing EV charging intelligently at a hyperlocal level.

Electric vehicle charging and grid management are both critical factors when it comes to handling the increased adoption rates of EVs. The fragmented nature of the electric utility industry mixed with the necessity for the intelligent management of EV charging on a hyperlocal level isn’t an easy hurdle to cross – and it’s hard to do it alone.

The good news is that the industry is intimately aware of this, and partnerships are cropping up to intersect well-designed hardware with advanced grid management. The partnership between Wallbox and Weavegrid is one of those.

WeaveGrid, a software company that enables rapid electric vehicle adoption on the electric grid, and Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, recently announced their joint effort to expand access to utility-managed charging programs for North American Wallbox owners, beginning with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado, where Xcel Energy currently serves around 1.3 million residential customers.

“There’s a very academic approach one can take to this sort of problem: It’s looking at vehicles purely as batteries on wheels and drivers as just sort of an inconvenient human element to this problem of balancing out the batteries on those vehicles,” says Yakov Berenshteyn, director, automotive & charging partnerships, Weavegrid. “I think that’s a perspective that Wallbox and Weavegrid both have, and it’s part of that shared value that led to this partnership. We need to make sure that this is a good driver experience and that’s going to be manifested in this partnership.”

In this episode of The Amped EV Podcast, we discuss the need for renewable energy generation, the benefits of managing EV charging intelligently at a hyperlocal level, and how the partnership between Wallbox and Weavegrid is making strides in Colorado’s growing EV market.

This is an audio-only version of our episode with Wallbox & Weavegrid. Go ahead, you’re already here – take a listen! But, if you’re looking for moving pictures, click here.

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