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Why independent auto shops should invest in EV services

Major manufacturers are committed to investing in EVs, and many are increasing their efforts in the coming years.


Let’s do a quick exercise. On the count of three – say what automotive technology you are most excited about in the next few years. Together now…3..2…1…EV Services!

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Wait, what? That wasn’t your answer? Let me guess, you are not too thrilled about the expanding need for EV services – or maybe are concerned about not knowing where to start.

So, let me familiarize you a bit on why EV services are becoming so necessary and why independent auto repair shops may want to begin investing in them now so they don’t fall behind in the future.

To start, EV services are becoming more prominent among major auto shops and manufacturers. Take Bridgestone for example, that recently announced an expansion of its EV vehicle services at 44 of the company’s Firestone Complete Auto Care and Wheel Works stores.


While EV services account for less than 10% of total services at their retail operations nationwide currently, it is estimated that battery-electric and hybrid vehicles will represent more than half of the overall U.S. car parc by 2030. This means major manufacturers are committed to investing in the future of EVs – with many increasing their push to do so within the next few years.

On top of that, Valvoline has begun piloting EV services in its retail stores. Maintenance-based services such as 12-volt battery replacement, tire rotations, key fob replacement, cabin air filter replacement, wiper replacement and state safety inspections will be included. Valvoline says these pilots are the next step in advancing the company’s strategy to extend auto maintenance service to the growing amount of owners of EVs, OEMs and fleets.


Furthermore, according to a recent global study by Deloitte, nearly 27% of American consumers believe their next vehicle will be some type of EV. A recent Cars.com survey showed that EV searches have nearly doubled since 2020. According to the Cars.com survey, roughly 66% of Americans surveyed indicated they were more likely to buy an EV after the Biden Administration’s plans to accelerate the country’s move toward EVs.

With more EVs on the road, this will certainly increase the need for your independent auto repair shops to invest in EV services.

While sales of EVs are growing slowly, interest continues to rise, and independent auto repair shops that get their foot in the EV door early won’t risk falling behind the big chains that are investing in this equipment now.



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