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NACFE’s electric trucking data reveals range, efficiency gains

Early data from electric trucks in the Run on Less-Electric DEPOT shows improved range and a decrease in charging needs.

How seriously should shops take the EV wave?

Is it the right time for shops to invest in EV services? It isn’t easy to know for sure.

BEVs have more advanced tech problems than ICE, study shows

The study found that owners’ experience with BEV advanced technology is more problematic than owners with ICE vehicles.

Inflation Reduction Act sparks surge in EV investments

Manufacturers have invested $165B in U.S. EV facilities the past eight years, with 56% occurring post-IRA passage.

Study reveals EV charging station density vs. gas stations

The study used data from the U.S. DOE and the U.S. Census Bureau to compare EV charging port density to gas station pump density.

EV charging stations
Long-distance wireless charging developed at Aalto University

Engineers at Aalto University said they optimized how antennas transmitting and receiving power interact with each other.

EU’s new ‘Battery Passport’ could help battery recyclers

EU’s new battery market regulations aim to revamp EV battery sustainability, design and recovery.

Cost remains a key factor in American EV adoption

Americans said they would be much more likely to purchase an EV instead of an ICE vehicle if the cost were the same or less.

New reports find EVs will yield cost savings for consumers

New Environmental Defense Fund and WSP reports highlight cost savings and expanding charging network for EVs.

How battery chemistry will affect construction EV sales

A recent IDTechEx report shows electric construction vehicles’ success hinges on battery prices and total cost of ownership.

EDF backs EPA’s proposed new emissions standards

EPA has proposed emission standards for new light and medium-duty vehicles in model years 2027.

Consumers in Canada Sour on EVs, J.D. Power Finds

A recent study shows that a majority of Canadian consumers are unlikely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle next.