EV Related Business Sales and Trends
Hyundai to invest $7.4B in the US by 2025

Hyundai says its investment will enhance overall product competitiveness by prioritizing future mobility technologies, including electrification and hydrogen energy.

Toyota aims for 15% of US sales to be BEVs, FCEVs by 2030

There are currently 17 electrified vehicles in the company’s U.S. lineup, including HEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs.

Harley-Davidson launches LiveWire electric motorcycle brand

The first LiveWire branded motorcycle is scheduled to launch on July 8, and to premiere at the International Motorcycle Show on July 9.

Harley-Davidson-Livewire-Rider 1400
Daimler Trucks NA launches Detroit eConsulting

Detroit’s says eConsulting services are provided by a team of eMobility experts dedicated to supporting customers navigate electric-truck conversion.

Horiba adds EV-testing solutions to platform

With the addition of electrified-vehicle testing solutions, Horiba has extended its existing platform in emissions to now include electrification.

Honda aims to hit 100% EV sales in North America by 2040

Starting from the second half of the 2020s, Honda will launch a series of new EV models which adopt e:Architecture, a new EV platform led by Honda.

Report: EV battery production needs a boost to meet demand

According to the report “Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain Analysis,” concerns over EV-battery supply to meet the escalation in demand poses a serious risk to the growth of electricity as a clean propulsion fuel, despite plans for 80 new global battery gigafactories.

Fisker calls for changes in EV incentives

Fisker is calling upon the federal government to implement a rebate of $7,500 plus $10 per mile of certified driving range for BEVs priced at $55,000 and less.

Mahle launches electronics, mechatronics development center in China

From this location, the company says it will be focusing on developing solutions for alternative drives and expanding the company’s systems expertise in electric powertrains, as well as electronics and mechatronics.

Tesla comes out of the gate strong in Q1 2021, earnings report shows

Tesla produced the most vehicles in a single quarter for the company in Q1 2021, with 180,338.

Report: American Jobs Plan EV investment could transform US bus market

At the end of March, the government announced a $2 trillion package, “The American Jobs Plan,” which proposes a $174 billion investment in the U.S. electric-vehicle market.

Volta Trucks appoints new CEO, executive chairman

Essa Al-Saleh has been appointed as chief executive officer and Carl-Magnus Norden, founder of Volta Trucks, has been appointed as its executive chairman of the board of directors.