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Lightning eMotors unveils new EV mobile charger

Lightning eMotors has unveiled its second-generation Lightning Mobile chargers for commercial and consumer electric vehicles. Designed to accommodate a number of use-cases, Lightning eMotors says the mobile DC fast charger offers rapid deployment of reliable charging capabilities in locations where static charging stations are not possible or that only have Level 2 power available—all without

Juice Americas launches J+ Booster 2 portable EV charger

Juice Americas Inc. has announced the availability of its portable two-in-one EV charger, J+ Booster 2, in North America. Weighing in at 2.2 lbs., the company says the J+ Booster 2 is made from solid, military-grade aluminum. The included accessories assortment offers eight NEMA-compliant adapter plugs that are attached via the J+ Connector, Juice’s proprietary plug interface. The adapter

Juice-Americas-J+-BOOSTER-Portable-EV-Charger-1400 adds electric vehicle chargers and accessories has announced electric vehicle chargers for both commercial and residential applications. The company says this new category expands the offering to the company’s residential customers that come to for lighting, fire safety products and batteries. Residential customers will also be able to receive assistance from with EV charger rebate incentive programs that

Delta launches Slim 100 EV charger for space-critical applications

Delta has launched its Slim 100, a new EV charger designed for areas for space is limited. The charger offers a maximum power of 100 kW and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency, the company says. The company says its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power, and

Invisible Urban Charging rolls out 6,000+ EV chargers in Florida

Invisible Urban Charging (IUC) is rolling out more than 6,000 chargers for electric vehicles in Florida. Once fully deployed, IUC will have doubled the number of EV chargers in the state, making it the largest EV charger operator in Florida, the company says. IUC is working closely with Lincoln Property Company to deploy EV chargers

Frost & Sullivan report EV market outlook for 2022

According to the “Global Electric Vehicles Outlook, 2022” report produced by Frost & Sullivan, of 6.7 million EV units sold in 2021, 70.7% were BEVs, and 29.1% were PHEVs. Global EV penetration increased from 4.4% in 2020 to 8.8% in 2021. The Asia-Pacific region recorded a 151.7% year-over-year growth. Tesla retained the leadership with sales

Voltera launches as business EV infrastructure solution

Voltera has launched to build, own and operate charging facilities that enable electric vehicle (EV) deployment and operation at scale. Voltera’s customers are companies that have a pressing need to power EVs at scale. That includes organizations looking to electrify without disrupting operations or investing significant time and upfront capital to install EV charging capacity

The Shyft Group debuts portable ‘Power Cube’ EV charging station

The Shyft Group has introduced the Blue Arc Power Cube, a fully portable remote-controlled charging station with onboard energy storage to serve a variety of needs for commercial vehicle fleets and other end uses. The Power Cube is a mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger that does not need to be connected to the grid, the

Stellantis invests $99M on new hybrid engine production

Stellantis will invest a total of $99 million in three North American plants to produce a new engine is a 1.6-liter, I-4 turbocharged unit with direct fuel injection and flexibility for hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) applications. Investments will be made at the Dundee Engine Complex in Michigan, the Kokomo Casting Plant in Indiana and the Etobicoke

Apollo Tyres launches new EV-specific tires in India

Apollo Tyres introduced electric vehicle (EV) tires for both passenger vehicles and two-wheelers. Apollo’s Amperion range of tires for the PV segment, whereas Apollo WAV range for the two-wheelers, were launched for the Indian market. The Apollo Amperion is designed to cater to the EVs in hatchback, compact SUV and sedan segments in India, like

BP to invest in new UK battery research & development center

BP plans to invest up to around $60 million in a new electric vehicle (EV) battery testing center and analytical laboratory in the UK. Planned to open by the end of 2024, the new facilities will be located at BP’s existing global headquarters for its Castrol business in Pangbourne, Berkshire, and will support the technology,

U.S. to see highest growth rates for Lithium-Ion batteries by 2026

According to new research from Interact Analysis, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to rise to over 1.6TWh by 2026, up from 476GWh in 2021. Massive growth in both the battery and battery manufacturing equipment markets is driven largely by the electric vehicle boom, the company says. In 2021, the EV market accounted for

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