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Juice Americas launches J+ Booster 2 portable EV charger


Juice Americas Inc. has announced the availability of its portable two-in-one EV charger, J+ Booster 2, in North America.

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Weighing in at 2.2 lbs., the company says the J+ Booster 2 is made from solid, military-grade aluminum. The included accessories assortment offers eight NEMA-compliant adapter plugs that are attached via the J+ Connector, Juice’s proprietary plug interface.

The adapter plugs are coded so that the right charging power is set to be fully automatic at the socket-outlet according to the available socket input current. The unit delivers a charging power ranging from 720 W to 9.6 kW, so users ideally need only about four to six hours to fully charge a vehicle’s battery, depending on the battery pack size, the company says.


The J+ Celsius temperature sensor installed directly at the plug pins protects socket outlets against overheating. The residual current device integrated into the J+ Booster 2 for fault current protection eliminates the need to install any expensive DC residual current device in the home, the company says.

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