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Can federal cash rein in EV range, cost, recycling concerns?

The whole EV landscape is getting an adoption boost courtesy of government incentives out the wazoo. But is it enough?

USPS to deploy 66k EVs by 2028 with $9.6B investment

The United States Postal Service expects to acquire at least 66,000 battery-electric delivery vehicles as part of its 106,000-vehicle acquisition plan for deliveries between now and 2028. The vehicles purchased as part of this anticipated plan will begin to replace the USPS’s aging delivery fleet of over 220,000 vehicles. The Postal Service anticipates at least

GM gives EPA clean car guidance for model year 2027 and beyond

General Motors and Environmental Defense Fund have announced a set of recommendations that seek to accelerate a zero-emissions, all-electric future for passenger vehicles in model year 2027 and beyond.The recommendations were jointly developed by GM and EDF to support the next tier of EPA clean car standards. GM and EDF say they encourage the EPA

Nikola awarded grant for autonomous hydrogen fueling research

Nikola says it is working to develop an autonomous fueling system that can rapidly refuel heavy-duty fuel-cell electric trucks

How strong is the OEM appetite for EVs?

Gas- and diesel-powered vehicles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but OEMs aren’t shy with new EV announcements either.

New York will install 150 EV fast chargers this year

The new chargers are part of NYPA’s EVolve NY charging infrastructure network being installed along key travel corridors and in urban areas to encourage the adoption of EVs.

Fisker calls for changes in EV incentives

Fisker is calling upon the federal government to implement a rebate of $7,500 plus $10 per mile of certified driving range for BEVs priced at $55,000 and less.