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Liqui Moly develops two new e-mobility products


Liqui Moly has developed a coolant for fuel cells as well as a special transmission fluid solely for electric vehicles. Both are available now. Coolants for electric vehicles have to meet extreme requirements. The Fuel Cell Coolant FCF 20 based on ethylene glycol, combined with non-ionic additives, exhibits very low electrical conductivity, and combines optimum thermal dissipation with outstanding material compatibility and aging stability, the company says.

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Further development is aimed at purely battery-powered vehicles, which are much more common on our roads.

“It is a misconception that electric vehicles do not need oil. In fact, they need very high-quality lubricant for the transmission,” reports David Kaiser.

Liqui Moly’s new Top Tec Gear EV 510 gear oil meets the manufacturer requirements of Tesla, the company says.

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