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Buick Wildcat EV concept designed to calm drivers with high heart rates


Buick has unveiled its Wildcat EV concept car, which the company calls “an expressive vision of the brand’s new design direction as it transitions to an all-electric future.”

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The company says the Wildcat was developed to convey the all-new design language that will influence Buick production models for the foreseeable future. Buick says it wanted the vehicle to strike a “powerful, expressive presence,” with a laid-back proportion complemented by a low, wide stance. The windshield wraps around and flows into the side glass, with the roofline.

Buick says the Wildcat EV is designed to detect an elevation in driver heart rate and automatically adjust vehicle settings to calm them down.

Additional exterior design highlights include:

  • Semi-swing doors
  • Aluminum trim that “appears to flow seamlessly into the interior seat structures”
  • Micro-LED lighting technology and thin-beam projector lenses for the front lighting
  • Blade-style taillights are embedded in the roof’s sail panels, with check mark-style horizontal lamps that echo the front lighting signature.
  • An external “state of charge” indicator is visible in the exterior hatchback glass.
  • Jet Age-inspired 18-spoke “turbine” wheels.
Blade-style taillights are embedded in the Wildcat EV’s roof sail panels.

Interior design elements include cockpit-style seats with cantilevered headrests that Buick says “appear to be floating,” and a lightweight, flat-bottom steering wheel.

A sweeping touchscreen is the access point on the instrument panel, along with a complementing screen on the console. The company says the vehicle is designed to detect an elevation in driver heart rate and automatically adjust vehicle settings to calm them down. When “Zen Mode” is activated, it will dim the cabin lights, disperse calming aromatherapy scents and activate massaging seats.

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