AMN Drivetime: Tendeco's John Lussier (podcast)

AMN Drivetime: Tendeco’s John Lussier (podcast)

World record driver shows off what’s possible in an EV

Multiple-time Guinness World Record holder Rainer Zietlow delves into the challenges of long-distance and extreme-temperature EV driving.


Think back to the year you first received your driver's license. What did you do? Maybe driving to school or across town to a friend's house was your idea of excitement. Maybe you even braved the highway, holding your breath on the onramp until safely merged into traffic.

AMN Drivetime: Pronto Network president Robert Roos (podcast)

From our friends at aftermarketNews: A conversation with Robert Roos. Related Articles – Look Behind the EV Collision Repair Curtain – How many more miles of EV range can your tires give you? – Mining CEO explains tungsten’s role in EVs Next year will mark 40 years for Robert Roos in the industry and he

AMN Drivetime: Transtar’s Neil Sethi (podcast)

From our friends at aftermarketNews: A conversation with Neil Sethi. Related Articles – Champtires guides EV drivers toward used tires – How car dealers became the key to offsetting emissions – Exploring the options for end-of-life EV components On the journey from medicine to an MBA, some key themes prevail for Sethi – the desire

AMN Drivetime: APA’s Steve Tucker (podcast)

From our friends at aftermarketNews: A conversation with Steve Tucker. Related Articles – How EVs are upending car rental norms – The keys to a successful electric school bus rollout – The journey to 100% EV charger reliability After a career on the supplier side of the aftermarket, Tucker shared that working in a program

AMN Drivetime: NTN’s Charles Harris (podcast)

From our friends at aftermarketNews: A conversation with Charles Harris. Related Articles – Are EV tires all marketing hype? – What 2023’s truck shows tell us about real-world electric trucks – How wireless charging could forever eliminate range anxiety After more than 30 years in the automotive aftermarket, Harris has a lot of inspiration to


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