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Three EV partnerships we’re excited for

These EV collaborations are helping to advance the next phase automotive technology.


Partnerships are great, especially in the EV space. Here’s an exciting one: Lightning eMotors and Perrone Robotics’ upcoming partnership to create completely autonomous Class 3-7 commercial fleets. The partnership will expand Lightning eMotors’s zero-emissions EV platform offerings to include Perrone’s automated Vehicles (or AV)-powered technology.

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This is a big deal, as it leads to the potential for fleets of completely electric and fully autonomous semi-trucks traveling down the highway.

Here’s one we can all get excited for: Advancements in decreasing charging times. Volvo Cars recently teamed up with and invested in StoreDot – a company you’re probably familiar with if you’ve seen this show before, that is developing extreme-fast charging battery technology for electric cars. StoreDot is working on a technology that, according to the company, should result in batteries that can charge up to 100 miles of pure electric range in just five minutes.


The partnership gives Volvo Cars the opportunity to collaborate closely with StoreDot on its new battery technology, as Volvo Cars says it aims to become a pure electric company by 2030. By partnering with Volvo Cars, StoreDot aims to accelerate the time to market for its technology and is targeting mass production by 2024.

Next up is Proterra, which recently announced a multi-year supply agreement with The Shyft Group to power its Blue Arc electric delivery van and EV chassis using Proterra’s battery technology.

Proterra’s new system, which the company calls “the Proterra Powered H-Series battery,” will provide the Blue Arc electric delivery van with an approximate range of 150 to 175 miles on a single charge with the opportunity to enhance range through expanded battery options.

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