How EV battery system components can fail

How EV battery system components can fail

The increased usage of EVs means there will come a time when these EVs need to be serviced – primarily the battery pack.

With the increase of EVs on the road today and entering the market tomorrow, eventually there will come a time when these vehicles need to be serviced, primarily the battery pack, which essentially is the heart of the EV vehicle. The good news is the entire battery pack typically doesn’t fail, but components within the pack or battery system do.

In this video, learn more from Stephen Albert with TerrePower about the components of battery systems that fail.

As you may know, the EV battery pack, similar to a hybrid battery pack, is comprised of a series of modules. Within those modules are a series of cells. Now, the number of modules in a battery pack or cells in a module will vary by manufacturer.

Failure of module: Poor electric connection, thermal issue, sensor failure along with failure at the cell level.
Sensitive electronics failure, these include sensors, relays, and fuses. For example, if a sensor used to monitor temperature and the battery’s thermal management system fails, the BMS may not be able to accurately monitor temperatures within the battery pack. This also holds true with other sensors within the battery pack.

Seal failure at the battery pack: In the event this occurs on the battery pack, this may result in moisture or dust getting into the pack, which can cause damage to sensitive electronics and corrosion, ultimately causing premature failure to any of the components within the pack.

Failure of the Battery Management System, also referred to as the BMS: The BMS actively monitors battery state of charge and the state of health, which is essential for cell protection, pack protection, and thermal management, all while continually optimizing battery performance. This along with all of the failure modes mentioned, may result in premature component failure and significantly reduce the performance of the pack.

Most of these failures can be isolated to a few sub-components within the pack. Rather than sending packs straight to recycling, at TerrePower, we can diagnose and repair these failures in our production facilities to create sustainably manufactured battery packs to meet customer performance requirements.

This video is sponsored by TerrePower. TerrePower is the innovative solar panel and EV battery lifecycle management division of BBB Industries. TerrePower is an industry leader and innovator in the sustainable manufacturing of components driving our clean energy and mobility future.

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