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Squad Mobility to debut solar-powered buggy at CES 2024

The “Squad” is a compact solar-powered car that charges itself on direct solar energy through an integrated solar panel on the roof.

Sono Motors restarts operations as solely a solar integration business

A recent investment deal enabled Sono Motors to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings.

B2U Storage Solutions expands used EV battery storage facility

B2U grew its reused EV battery storage capacity to 6MWh at its Cuyama solar site, plans further expansion to 12MWh.

SEPV Cuyama-B2U
BP begins Texas ‘Peacock’ solar energy project

The installation will generate enough renewable energy annually to power the equivalent of 34,000 homes, BP says.

TerrePower provides solar panels for wildlife conservation

TerrePower is supplying recycled solar panels to ADA to convert outdated diesel generators into sustainable solar-powered water pumps.

Electrify America unveils 75MW Solar Glow 1 project

At peak capacity, the power drawn from the project is equivalent to charging 500 EVs simultaneously.

TerrePower accelerates solar panel reuse industry in Tennessee

The company remanufactures used solar panels to enable second-life usage, selling them as a more affordable solution.

Reclaimed Kentucky mine to produce solar energy for Toyota

The once-active coal mine is in an ideal location to install solar photovoltaic panels for electricity generation.

New coating found to help maximize solar panel yield

No or only very little dirt can stay on surfaces with this, meaning solar panel cleaning is “automatic.”

Beam Global debuts trailer made for EV ARC solar-powered charger

The ARC Mobility trailer was designed to stow, transport, place and deploy solar-powered EV ARC charging solutions.

Sono Motors terminates Sion solar-powered car development

The company said termination of the Sion program reflects a decision to focus on a capital-light business model.

BP begins new utility-scale solar project in Ohio

The Arche project will create enough clean energy annually to power the equivalent of more than 20,000 U.S. homes, BP says.