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New coating found to help maximize solar panel yield

No or only very little dirt can stay on surfaces with this titanium dioxide coating, meaning solar panel cleaning is “automatic.”

Beam Global debuts trailer made for EV ARC solar-powered charger

The ARC Mobility trailer was designed to stow, transport, place and deploy solar-powered EV ARC charging solutions.

Sono Motors terminates Sion solar-powered car development

The company said termination of the Sion program reflects a decision to focus on a capital-light business model.

BP begins new utility-scale solar project in Ohio

The Arche project will create enough clean energy annually to power the equivalent of more than 20,000 U.S. homes, BP says.

Lightyear opens waitlist for second solar-powered EV

The U.S. will be among the first launch regions for the Lightyear 2, and the vehicle will have a price point of under $40k.

DOE provides $8M to integrate solar energy with farming

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has allocated $8 million for six solar energy research projects across six states and the District of Columbia that will provide new economic opportunities for farmers, rural communities, and the solar industry. The funding supports agrivoltaics—the co-location of agricultural production and solar energy generation on the same land—and aims

Up close with the Sono Motors Sion, a $25k solar-powered EV

The Sion’s 190-mile battery range can be extended by about 70 miles per week in typical weather via solar power.

Sono and Bosch partner on solar-powered Sion repairs in Europe

Sono Motors and Bosch have agreed to cooperate on a joint Europe-wide network of car repair shops. Bosch says owners of the Sion solar electric vehicle will be able to use all services offered by participating car repair shops, including repair, servicing, maintenance, and warranty services. The companies say 50 qualified service centers will be

How Sono’s solar cells became key to its solar-powered EV

The idea of a solar-powered car is nothing new, but building one affordably is.

The Shyft Group debuts portable ‘Power Cube’ EV charging station

The Shyft Group has introduced the Blue Arc Power Cube, a fully portable remote-controlled charging station with onboard energy storage to serve a variety of needs for commercial vehicle fleets and other end uses. The Power Cube is a mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger that does not need to be connected to the grid, the

Sono Motors hits 20k reservations for Sion solar-electric car

The Munich-based solar mobility OEM Sono Motors has reached 20,000 private reservations of its Sion solar-electric car. The vehicle will have an expected net sales price point of €25,126 (approx. $24,853). The start of production is planned for the second half of 2023 via contract manufacturing in Finland. After a ramp-up period, Sono Motors and

Solar-powered tower makes carbon-neutral jet fuel

Researchers have designed a fuel production system that uses water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and sunlight to produce aviation fuel. They have implemented the system in the field, and the design, published July 20 in the journal Joule, could help the aviation industry become carbon neutral. The aviation sector is responsible for about 5% of global anthropogenic