TerrePower provides solar panels for wildlife conservation

TerrePower provides solar panels for wildlife conservation

TerrePower is supplying recycled solar panels to ADA to convert outdated diesel generators into sustainable solar-powered water pumps.

TerrePower said it is helping advance wildlife conservation efforts in the desert of Arizona by providing solar energy solutions. Through its Ontility brand, TerrePower is supplying recycled solar panels to non-profit organizations like the Arizona Deer Association (ADA) to convert outdated diesel generators into sustainable solar-powered water pumps and features for wildlife.

Over 25,000 elk, deer, bears, coyotes, bobcats and other animals rely on these man-made water resources across Arizona, but keeping the pumps running has been a challenge, ADA said. By transitioning to Ontility’s solar panels, the ADA can now provide reliable, low-maintenance power to extract water for animals struggling to find natural sources during dry, sweltering conditions.

To date, Ontility has shipped over 800 restored solar panels to the ADA from its sustainable manufacturing facility in Sparta, Tennessee. According to Jim Lawrence, projects director for the ADA, the organization has seen a 100% success rate with Ontility’s recycled panels over several years.

With Ontility’s solar solutions, the ADA said it can reduce costs and reliance on fossil fuels while restoring habitats and partnering with cattle ranchers that need off-grid energy.

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