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Mullen Three Class 3 EV rolls off Mississippi factory line

Mullen’s Class 3 EV truck, the Mullen Three, received $79M in orders so far.

Mullen will debut its Five RS EV Crossover on tour

Mullen said the Five RS features a top speed of 200 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds.

mullen five rs UHP
Mullen’s Bollinger Motors awarded $3 million grant

The grant will be disbursed over the next five years, with an additional $2 million allocated for talent and training.

Mullen launches AI-powered Persona vehicle technology

Mullen’s Persona technology includes a security fence, pet and occupant safe mode, and AI-powered emergency response.

Mullen, Phenix partner on Class 3 EV truck bodies

Upon upfit completion, the Class 3 vehicle will be made available to Phenix commercial fleet customers.

Mullen, Amerit Fleet Solutions partner on service/warranty work

Amerit will support Mullen’s commercial vehicle lineup, including the Mullen Campus EV cargo van and Mullen One Class 1 EV van.

Mullen to begin Class 3 EV production at Mississippi plant

Mullen has partnered with NRTC for assembly line installation, which includes robotics and automation systems.

Mullen says energy management module adds 60% to EV range

Testing of a high-volume OEM electric vehicle resulted in a calculated increase in range from 269 to 431 miles, Mullen says.

Mullen begins EMM pilot on D.C. Chevy Bolt vehicle fleet

Mullen says it saw an increase in range from 269 to 431 miles in 2020 Chevy Bolts with Energy Management Modules installed.

Mullen to use solid-state polymer EV batteries in cargo vans

Solid-state batteries can potentially offer higher energy density, faster charging time and a smaller size, Mullen says.

Mullen, Qiantu Motors to launch EV supercar

The vehicle will feature an updated powertrain, targeting sub 2.0 sec 0-60 MPH and a top speed exceeding 200 MPH.

Mullen’s I-Go commercial EV arrives in Europe

Mullen Automotive’s I-Go commercial urban delivery EV will be delivered in Europe in early January.