Why electrification can be the right fit for vocational trucks

Why electrification can be the right fit for vocational trucks

Mike Patterson, founder and CEO of Battle Motors, recently sat down with The Buzz to answer questions on electric trucks, charging stations and more.

In April, Crane Carrier Company (CCC) was acquired by Battle Motors, and today the company says it is committed to “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy through manufacturing the most durable and performance-driven class 7 and 8 electric trucks.”

Mike Patterson, founder and CEO of Battle Motors

This past June, the company announced plans to install a nationwide charging network through a partnership with PositivEnergy. PositivEnergy will deliver charging stations to municipal accounts serviced by 180 Battle Motors Truck Dealers across North America. The charging stations will provide vehicle-to-grid, sequential capable power supplies and dispensers for the battery technology in Battle Motors vehicles. PositivEnergy charging infrastructure will be made available to all Crane Carrier customers where battery electric vehicle (BEV) trucks are sold.

Mike Patterson, founder and CEO of Battle Motors, recently sat down with The Buzz to answer a few questions:

Why is electrification a good fit for the vocational trucking space?

Many green efforts start with municipalities. Electrification is a great fit for the vocational trucking space because the range and the overnight charge time is perfect.

What do you believe will be the biggest hurdle for electric trucks to overcome in the next 5-10 years? Is this hurdle something you believe the aftermarket can help successfully address?

The hurdle for electric trucks has been overcome. Customers are ordering as fast as budgets allow. The aftermarket and infrastructure are all in with the OEMs to make this work.

What led to Battle Motors’ partnership with PositivEnergy to install charging stations at municipal accounts across North America?

Battle Motors needed a partner that proved to be the best in the world at infrastructure to make installs as seamless and painless as possible for customers. PositivEnergy more than fit the bill and is the perfect partner.

Beyond simply adding additional charging stations, how can the U.S.’s charging infrastructure be improved?

Getting next-level green involves powering these charging stations with solar.

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