How will EVs affect the supply chain of tomorrow?

How will EVs affect the supply chain of tomorrow?

This year's ACT Expo helps reveal what an electrified supply chain means for the consumer world.

Just a couple of months ago, Santa Monica, California, held a show for the transportation industry to swap electron talk, the official hub for executives to meet up with their peers to discuss the latest and greatest in fuels, technologies and vehicles driving the future of transportation. It’s called ACT Expo.

This year’s show featured all kinds of major announcements from names big and small in trucking. International launched its new fully-electric eMV Series trucks. Toyota had a booth with a hydrogen engine on display. Hino Trucks had a Class 8 engine prototype. Newer names like Lion Electric was hosting ride-and-drives in its new Class 6 truck, and Hyzon Motors let those interested get up close and personal with its hydrogen-electric fuel cell technology.

In today’s episode, I talk with Jason Morgan, editor of Fleet Equipment, who had the opportunity to speak with manufacturers in the EV space face-to-face on the show floor. We discuss what EV advancements we can expect to see in the next few years, the solutions to the biggest issues facing electrification today and what an evolving supply chain means for the consumer world.

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