Omni United to introduce EV tires

Omni United to introduce EV tires

Omni United, makers of Radar, Patriot and Roadlux Tire brands, has announced its plans to serve EVs with its tires.

Omni United, makers of Radar, Patriot and Roadlux Tire brands, has announced its plans to serve EVs with its tires. The company said its new EV strategy is a two-pronged approach, wherein the first phase will see EV-compatible ranges while the second phase will have a dedicated specialty EV range.

In Phase 1, the company says its EV-compatible tires will be engineered to offer lower rolling resistance for improved vehicle range, a wear-resistant compound to reduce wear from the high EV torque and increased safety through improved wet braking and improved handling characteristics. These will be based on Radar Tires’ existing platforms, which include the premium all-season range for North America and high-performance summer ranges – the Dimax R8+ and RPX 800-E for Europe and Asia. All ranges are currently undergoing testing and are expected to launch in the target markets simultaneously in Q1 of 2023, according to Omni United.

Under the company’s flagship Radar Tires brand, a new range of premium electric vehicle fitments will be designed in collaboration with the Italian automotive design house GFG Style. These fitments will be the second tire range designed in collaboration with GFG.

The specialty range will cater to all key EV requirements such as reduced rolling resistance, which directly impacts the range of the vehicle; higher load-carrying capabilities to accommodate the additional weights of the battery packs; use of an improved compound to accommodate increased tire wear; and reduced noise levels for added comfort, Omni United says. This range will feature a summer pattern and initially be launched for the European market in 16 sizes ranging from 18- to 21-in. rim diameters. This second range will be launched throughout 2023, the company adds.

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