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GMC Hummer EV pickup launches with Bose ‘EV Sound Enhancement’


With the launch of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck, Bose is introducing its first-ever application of “Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement” (EVSE) technology, bringing what the company says is “unprecedented sonic experiences to consumers.” Bose EVSE technology, along with a 14-speaker Bose surround sound system, is standard on the GMC Hummer EV.

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EVSE technology helps GMC deliver a dynamic audio response for Hummer EV’s driver and passengers, Bose says. Engineered to replace the mostly silent interior that comes with operating an electric vehicle, EVSE technology sends custom-designed propulsion sounds into the cabin through Bose speakers to refine and enhance the acoustic environment.

The company says the impact of EVSE technology is most pronounced in the GMC Hummer EV’s driver-selectable launch-control mode, called “Watts to Freedom,” which enables the driver and passengers to feel the full power of the truck’s acceleration from 0-60 mph in a GM-estimated 3 seconds.

As the vehicle gears up for launch from a dead stop, EVSE technology is engaged to help prepare the occupants with audio cues. A purposefully crafted mix of electric guitar riffs and feedback gradually builds anticipation as the Bose subwoofer creates vibrations and the vehicle uses its adaptive air suspension to lower its height and center of gravity. The sound then shifts, signaling when the vehicle is ready for takeoff.


During the vehicle development process, Bose engineers worked closely with GMC to integrate Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement technology. Using a proprietary Bose algorithm and data gathered from the vehicle, EVSE helps mask undesirable noise produced by the electric propulsion system, while at the same generating distinct sounds for different drive modes:

  • In Normal driving, the sound is subtle, providing a layer of audio texture to the vehicle’s on-road performance.
  • Shifting into Terrain Mode introduces a heavier bass tone to help keep the driver connected to the vehicle’s performance. As the Hummer EV’s torque increases, the sound gradually goes up, keeping the driver in tune with the vehicle’s power and movement over various types of unpaved terrain.
  • In Off-Road Mode, a deeper rumble is heard as the vehicle moves quickly across rough surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, and sand.

The Bose surround sound system features intense low-frequency performance, powered by 6×9-in. wide-range woofers — one in each front door — and an all-new bass box design, positioned under the rear seat and visible to passengers with a Bose logo.


The system also includes proprietary Bose Centerpoint digital signal processing for enveloping surround sound in every seat and Bose AudioPilot signal processing to preserve the listening experience in all driving conditions — even when the Hummer EV’s removable roof panels are off.



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