Hofer Powertrain debuts Ultevate Ultra battery module

Hofer Powertrain debuts Ultevate Ultra battery module

Vehicles can be charged from 5% to 85% in five minutes, and to 100% in eight minutes.

Hofer Powertrain, a development and technology partner specializing in efficient powertrain solutions, launched the Ultevate Ultra battery module at the LA Auto Show. The company said Ultevate Ultra technology enables extraordinarily rapid charging. Vehicles can be charged from a state of charge (SOC) of 5% to 85% in just five minutes, and to 100% in eight minutes.

Hofer Powertrain said an advantage of this system is that despite its high charging power, it generates very low heat and does not require active cooling. This feature makes it not only more efficient but also less maintenance-intensive and more durable compared to currently known battery technologies — with a charging current of up to 1140 amperes and a high charging power of over 1 Megawatt (MW) at the vehicle level.

The company said Ultevate Ultra offers OEMs the opportunity to bring innovative EV drive and battery solutions to mass production faster.

“We focus on efficient, robust and safe solutions to maximize technical progress,” Prof. Dr. Kai André Boehm, battery expert at Hofer Powertrain, said. “Our development foresight is based on the continuous exploration of new cell chemistries and cell manufacturers, to offer our customers future-proof technologies that can be specifically transferred into series in line with customer timelines.”

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