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Fisker, Bridgestone partner on Ocean EV tires

Select models in North America, the Fisker Ocean will sit on custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires.


Fisker Inc. has selected Bridgestone as the exclusive tire partner for the company’s Ocean all-electric SUV. The Fisker Ocean will sit on custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires for vehicles sold in Europe and select models sold in North America. The bespoke Potenza Sport tires are engineered for low rolling resistance, which conserves the Fisker Ocean’s battery energy, the companies say.

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Bridgestone will also supply custom-designed Alenza Sport all-season tires for Fisker Ocean models sold in North America. Bridgestone says the Alenza Sport tires are engineered with a compound that provides enhanced dry braking, wet handling and improved rolling resistance to help drivers unlock the Fisker Ocean’s full performance capabilities.

The Fisker Ocean’s custom-made Bridgestone tires will also benefit from Bridgestone’s “Virtual Tire Development technology,” which the company says enables the accurate prediction of a tire’s performance without producing and physically driving it for the first part of the development process. Bridgestone adds Virtual Tire Development cuts raw material consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 60% and reduces product development time and speed to market by up to 50%.


Prototype testing of the Fisker Ocean will start during Q4 2021. The custom-engineered Bridgestone tires will be available in two tire sizes: 255/50 R20 & 255/45 R22. The 22-in. tire will be tuned to create a sportier handling balance.

The Fisker Ocean will make its global debut at the upcoming 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, with production starting on Nov. 17, 2022.

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