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What installing EV infrastructure REALLY takes – (MD7 interview)


For electric vehicles to ultimately work – I mean really work, at scale – it’s going to take so much more than a fancy-looking new car or truck with a fancy new integrated electric powertrain parked in every driveway across the nation.

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There’s an underground component to this whole thing too, both metaphorically and literally. It takes groups of dedicated men and women willing to the often-thankless work involved with installing EV infrastructure, and that ecosystem is larger than simply erecting charging beacons as far as the eye can see. Trenches need to be dug, and, ideally, fiber needs to be run. There’s a whole approval process that needs to be taken care of. Permits need to be pulled, and someone probably needs to install a new transformer.

[Excuse me a moment, the room is spinning.]

Whew! OK.

Thankfully, there are businesses out there that are designed to help with all of this. MD7, a telecoms tower and data center consultancy company, is one of those. On today’s episode of The Amped EV Podcast, we invite Lew Cox, MD7’s director of business development to dig into the EV infrastructure details. He explains the connection between EV charging and fiber deployment, the EV charger installation approval process and why the federal government’s funding allocated to EV charging installation projects might not be enough.


This is an audio-only version of our episode with Lew Cox, director of business development at MD7. Go ahead, you’re already here – take a listen! But if you’re looking for moving pictures, click here.

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