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Bosch reveals new electrification, fuel cell solutions


At the 2022 North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show), Bosch presented a number of solutions to support customers in electrification.

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A key part of the Bosch electrification portfolio is the eAxle. The eAxle city is a compact, light, and efficient drive solution where the electric motor, inverter and transmission are combined in one system housing. Its compact size means it is suitable for use in smaller vehicle classes, Bosch says. The power modules of the eAxle city are based on silicon carbide semiconductor technology for new generation of highly efficient and energy-saving silicon carbide inverters.

The eAxle performance, which also features silicon carbide technology for both 400V and 800V, uses new semiconductor technology combined with a multi-objective, multi-domain development approach.


Bosch recently announced it would be investing $200 million to produce fuel cell stacks in Anderson, South Carolina. And, globally, Bosch announced it would invest more than $1 billion to develop mobile fuel cell technologies by 2024.

Bosch’s portfolio in mobile fuel cells offers a fuel cell system from one single source. The company offers a scalable fuel cell power module comprised of a fuel cell stack and submodules to generate electricity to power commercial vehicles. Bosch also offers the fuel cell stack independently.

Complementing the module and stack are components, also known as the balance of plant components, needed for fuel cell vehicles. This includes sensors, valves, electronic control units and electric air compressors.

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