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Bosch starts volume production of its fuel-cell power module

By 2030, Bosch plans to generate sales of roughly $5.3 billion with hydrogen technology.

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Bosch developing automated EV battery-discharging plant

Bosch estimates EVs will account for around 70% of all newly registered passenger cars in Europe by 2030.

Sono and Bosch partner on solar-powered Sion repairs in Europe

Sono Motors and Bosch have agreed to cooperate on a joint Europe-wide network of car repair shops. Bosch says owners of the Sion solar electric vehicle will be able to use all services offered by participating car repair shops, including repair, servicing, maintenance, and warranty services. The companies say 50 qualified service centers will be

Bosch reveals new electrification, fuel cell solutions

At the 2022 North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show), Bosch presented a number of solutions to support customers in electrification. A key part of the Bosch electrification portfolio is the eAxle. The eAxle city is a compact, light, and efficient drive solution where the electric motor, inverter and transmission are combined in one system

Bosch releases Level 2, fast charging EV chargers

Bosch has released two new electric vehicle chargers – the EV300 Level 2 EV Charging Station and EV3000 DC Fast Charger. The EV300 and EV3000 are fully UL and cUL compliant. Bosch says the chargers provide vehicle owners with the opportunity to adjust charging settings to their liking. The EV300 charges up to four times

UTI taps Bosch to develop EV training programs

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) selected Bosch to support the development of new courseware that helps meet the needs of the growing electric vehicle (EV) market, which continues to see record sales and a demand for skilled technicians. According to a recent report by McKinsey, it is expected that 65% of new car sales will be

Jumping this hurdle will boost EV adoption rates

Misconceptions surrounding the challenge of charging is one of the biggest opportunities available to the EV industry.

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How the aftermarket can solve today’s biggest EV issue

Jeff Hudnut, product manager of EV charging at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, talks parts and service changes for EVs.