ZF Aftermarket introduces EV repair kits for independent shops

ZF Aftermarket introduces EV repair kits for independent shops

ZF Aftermarket's specialized repair kits include 43 electric axle drive scenarios, enhancing EV repair capabilities for some shops.

ZF Aftermarket said it is taking its range for the electric drivetrain to the next level. Following products from the maintenance area, such as the ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids developed especially for EV and hybrid vehicles, the first products from the repair area are now available. With the new repair kits, independent shops now have access to specific spare parts for electric axle drives, ZF said.

Often, ZF said it is not the central components like the electric motor or power electronics that are affected, but only peripheral parts such as sensors, plugs, housings or cables. Until now, spare parts were only available from the car manufacturer because most electric cars were still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Independent shops are now increasingly dealing with repairs of electric cars and need the appropriate spare parts to do so. ZF said it is now making its products available to the independent aftermarket for the first time via its aftermarket division. These are initially specially compiled kits for a total of 43 repair scenarios on electric axle drives.

With the new kits, ZF said shops can carry out the following repairs:

  • Replace leaking coolant connections;
  • Repair defective parking locks;
  • Replace engine mounts (e.g. after an accident);
  • Change speed or temperature sensors;
  • Replace driveshafts.

The kits contain all the spare parts, fastening elements and tools required for the respective repair. ZF said that none of this work requires the electric motor or the electric axle drive to be removed. However, shops must ensure that only people with high-voltage training carry out the work. In order to de-energize the vehicles for repair, training level 2S in accordance with DGUV 209-093 is required. The necessary training course is available from ZF Aftermarket besides many others for various target groups.

The 43 Electric Axle Drive Repair Kits from ZF Aftermarket are already available to order and will be presented to the public for the first time at Automechanika Shanghai.

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