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Volkswagen’s all-electric office chair provokes EV existentialism


If it exists, why not throw an electric motor on it and see what happens? Does that mean you can call anything from a cucumber to a glass eye an EV as long as it moves via a stream of electrons? I guess so. I don’t actually know. You tell me. With Volkswagen’s latest “EV” offering, I’m questioning everything I know to be true.

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway has created and built an office chair with many of the features featured in the company’s electric cars. The chair can drive, has LED lights, driver assistance and an infotainment system. Finally, office workers never have to leave that early-morning traffic jam feeling.

The one-of-a-kind chair has an estimated range of 12 km (approx. 1.2 miles) on a charge, so office workers can breeze to and from the coffee machine throughout the day — and with a top speed of 20 km/h (approx. 12 mph), users will have no problem being first in line for lunch.


The LED lights give the chair what the company calls “the recognizable Volkswagen look.” Headlights were put in to brighten overtime evenings, and for the occasional office festivities, the chair is equipped with multi-colored “Office Party Lights.”

The chair even features a practical trunk in the back with 0.005 cubic meters (approx. 20 cu.-in.) of space. Have more documents than the trunk can handle? No problem – the trailer hitch enables workers to drag them all around the office with ease.

It also has a rear-view camera, sensors on all sides, a seat heater, signal lights, a stereo, a storage trunk, and other things most people recognize from a commercial vehicle.


The chair will be available for test driving in locations throughout Norway in the coming months – but know that this U.S.-based editor will surely be requesting a sample. Ride-and-drive review to come?

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