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Uber, EVgo expand partnership to support EV rideshare drivers

An EVgo survey indicates that approximately 34% of drivers drive 400-800 miles each week and another 47% drive more than 800 miles each week.


EVgo Inc. is expanding its EV charging program for rideshare drivers on Uber’s platform. Featuring new discounts and benefits for all drivers using Uber, this expanded initiative builds upon the existing program to ultimately increase access to, and utilization of, EVgo’s network of over 800 public fast chargers.

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Rideshare drivers often charge multiple times per day. A recent EVgo survey of drivers in the EVgo program, indicates that approximately 34% of drivers drive 400 to 800 miles each week and another 47% drive more than 800 miles each week and rely heavily on public fast charging. Located in high ridership urban areas, EVgo’s fast chargers enable drivers without access to at-home charging to charge in between Uber trips.

As part of the expanded EVgo Discount Program with Uber, drivers are granted access to discounted EVgo accounts and pricing based on their Uber Pro status. Drivers using Uber, regardless of status, will continue to be able to access EVgo’s member rates without any monthly fees. Drivers with Uber Pro Gold, Platinum or Diamond status will unlock even lower EVgo Plus rates, saving up to 30% on charging costs over EVgo’s standard Pay As You Go rates.


The enhancement of this program further accelerates Uber’s initiative to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2030 in the U.S., the companies say. In addition to new charging discounts, EV drivers can also earn more per trip from Uber, including a dollar more per trip incentive for fully electric drivers on any product, plus $0.50 more when completing Uber Green trips. By selecting Uber Green, riders can support current drivers who use sustainable modes of transportation as well as Uber’s Green Future Program, which utilizes Uber Green fees and proceeds to help hundreds of thousands of rideshare drivers transition to electric vehicles by 2025. Drivers who drive a Tesla will also have access to nearly 600 integrated Tesla connectors at EVgo stations across the U.S., enabling them to charge their vehicles without the need for an adaptor.

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