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What 2023’s truck shows say about real-world electric trucks

Companies focusing on truck maintenance are approaching zero-emissions differently than OEMs designing new EV offerings.

VW EV calculator tells drivers how many tons of carbon emissions they’re saving with the ID.4 SUV

Future is collaborating with Volkswagen of America to provide consumers with a free calculator to measure the carbon impact of driving.

Toyota, Lexus Offer Lower Emissions EV Charging Program

Toyota has partnered with WattTime to provide health and environmental impact data to Toyota and Lexus customers.

European Union cracking down on ‘greenwashing’

Manufacturers will need to prove their products’ environmental initiative claims, the European Commission says.

Auto Care Association needs Sustainability Committee members

Committee members will advise on emerging trends and provide direction on enhancing the association’s sustainability efforts.

Why are so many autonomous vehicles also EVs?

There’s a really good reason why manufacturers generally choose all-electric powertrains for their autonomous creations.

Panasonic Automotive unveils EV audio system

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America has launched a unique modular audio system designed specifically for EVs.

StoreDot’s opening up EV battery CO2 emissions transparency

The battery manufacturer’s partnership with Circulor will allow customers to follow upstream battery material production.

Nissan Ariya EV prepares to travel from Pole to Pole

Husband and wife team say they plan to showcase the capability of EVs, highlight positive action against climate change.

Why BP bet big on electric in 2022

The global energy giant is investing a gasload of money in electrification and charging infrastructure.

MEMA establishes Center for Sustainability

MEMA says the center’s community will help members build an advantage as they respond to the needs of their customers.

Autonomous vehicle sustainably mines seabed for EV battery minerals

Impossible Metals says its autonomous underwater vehicle has selectively harvested rocks in an underwater environment.