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Mahle ‘on track’ to hit 2030+ sustainability goals

Mahle said it reduced its emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels (Scope 1) and the import of purchased electricity (Scope 2) by 43%.

Mahle secures orders for thermal management modules

Mahle said the modular design approach enables smaller installation spaces and drastically reduces assembly expenditures.

Mahle unveils technology kit for electric motors

The kit for electric motors combines two of Mahle’s benchmark motors.

Mahle introduces bionic structure battery cooling plate

MAHLE engineers used shapes from nature, including coral, to allow coolant to flow differently.

Mahle and ProLogium to push solid-state battery technology

The companies are developing and evaluating thermal management solutions for next-generation solid-state batteries.

Mahle wins series order for hydrogen engines

Engine manufacturer Deutz has turned to Mahle for hydrogen engine components development.

Mahle, Midtronics partner on EV battery service

Battery service could represent half of the overall service performed in shops, the companies say.

New Mahle corp. strategy based on big electrification profits

Mahle says its sales potential in connection with electric cars is three times as high as with internal combustion engines.

Ideanomics, Mahle partner on N.A. commercial EV fleets

Ideanomics will have exclusive rights for five years to distribute the ChargeBig 18-36 AC charging system.

Mahle climatic wind tunnel equipped to test EV fast charging

Engineers can fast-charge EVs with up to 350 kilowatts under all climatic conditions, even extreme heat, the company says.

Mahle expanding electrification supply role with e-compressors

Mahle says it has secured numerous series orders for its electric A/C compressor in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors from the technology group from Stuttgart with an order volume of approximately 1.4 billion euros. Mahle recently introduced what it describes as “the most powerful e-compressor currently available on the market” with a peak

Mahle premiers its SCT electric motor

Mahle recently presented its SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) electric motor at IAA Transportation 2022. This new motor solves a dilemma common to many electric motors: the great discrepancy between continuous and peak power. While previous electric motors can produce their peak power only for a short time and then drop to about 60-70%, the company