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What’s new with electric truck maintenance


Electric vehicles are throwing a metaphorical wrench (hopefully a non-conductive one) into vehicle maintenance and repair. EVs have fewer moving parts and fluids. There are no exhaust aftertreatment systems to worry about. Regular maintenance necessities of many vehicle components, like brakes, are also expected to drop. And, as a result, EVs are expected to reduce equipment service needs.

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However, regardless of these changes, it doesn’t make EV maintenance any easier or less important. In the commercial world, electric vehicles are being adopted at a rapid pace across North America, and fleets are on an EV learning curve that includes the need to address maintenance needs and challenges. These decisions don’t just affect personal finances; they affect the livelihoods of a full staff of employees.

To read on about how fleets are addressing the new shop challenges brought about by electric vehicles, click the link below by Fleet Equipment Contributor Seth Skydel:

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