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EdgeEnergy releases EdgeEV70 for rapid EV charging stations

The EdgeEV70 can be used in remote areas where three-phase power is not available or is cost-prohibitive to install.


EdgeEnergy, a subsidiary of Single Phase Power Solutions, has introduced the EdgeEV70 single-phase power source for DC fast chargers. Ideal for remote areas or those without access to three-phase power, the EdgeEV70 operates from readily available, single-phase utility service to produce clean, stable, isolated, three-phase output for rapid EV charging stations, the company says.

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Power output of 480V AC, three-phase, 70kW is ideally suited for rapid chargers up to 70kW. Each power source has an efficiency of 89%, is 100% electrically isolated, with 0 harmonies to comply with IEEE 519 requirements, and has a 1.0 power factor rating at full load, the company says. The power source is housed in a weather-tight enclosure with an integrated temperature control system.

Remote system monitoring, diagnostic, proactive maintenance is standard, allowing the EdgeEV70 to be used in remote areas where three-phase power is not available or cost-prohibitive to install. Rapid EV charging is desired in locations such as state and national parks, recreational areas and tourist locations to alleviate the range anxiety of EV owners, support local economies and encourage EV adoption.


Much of the U.S. does not have adequate access to three-phase power, and extending that service is expensive at approximately $100,000 per mile, the company says. EdgeEnergy worked with Roanoke Electric Cooperative in North Carolina on field testing of the power source earlier this year.

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