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Why ‘charging-as-a-service’ are more than buzzwords – with Voltera


EV charging is easier said than done, and it’s one of the biggest hurdles to successful full-scale EV adoption. Now, imagine you own a fleet of electrified vehicles. If you don’t have the right infrastructure in place, your what-seemed-to-be solid EV investment is now one built on sand.

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On the surface, it can seem like that EV infrastructure rests solely on your shoulders – but it doesn’t have to.

“Charging-as-a-service” is more than just industry buzzwords. It offers the opportunity for businesses with fleets of EVs to stay focused on their core business instead of being a “charging manager.” Though, this opens a new challenge – there are a lot of new names in the charging-as-a-service space. Voltera is one of those new names, and there’s no better way to kick the tires on a new service than to have a conversation. That’s why we connected with Matt Horton of CEO, Voltera. Voltera sites, builds, owns, and operates strategically located, fit-for-purpose charging facilities to enable EV deployment and operation at scale. But how do they work with fleets to meet specific application needs, and what advice do they have in the Wild West that is charging infrastructure equipment?


This is an audio-only version of our episode with Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. Go ahead, you’re already here – take a listen! But if you’re looking for moving pictures, click here.

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Amped EV Podcast

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