Tritium, Jump Charging partner on New Zealand EV Charging

Tritium, Jump Charging partner on New Zealand EV Charging

Nearly 20% of the 100,000 light vehicles sold in 2022 in New Zealand were battery electric.

Tritium DCFC Limited has announced a strategic partnership with Jump Charging to expand access to fast charging infrastructure in New Zealand. The companies say nearly 20% of the 100,000 light vehicles sold in 2022 in New Zealand were battery electric, and the country is on its way to achieving its 2050 net-zero emissions reduction goals. However, as of December 2022, there were only approximately 350 public charging stations in the country, or just one charging station for every 200 EVs registered in New Zealand.

To address this gap, the New Zealand government has plans to expand on its initial vision for nationwide coverage of DC fast chargers every 75 kilometers (approx. 46 miles) along state highways. As part of this investment, the government is prioritizing high-powered public charging hubs to match the rapidly growing number and increased requirements of electric vehicles and their drivers.

Jump Charging, a new Tritium distributor and service partner for New Zealand, says it is developing its network with Tritium fast chargers at its core and is planning to implement an initial 20 fast charging hubs at key locations followed by the rapid deployment of further sites nationwide.

In addition to expanding its network, Jump Charging says it has created a portable, skid-mounted solution for charging station installation, that is designed to be used with Tritium’s 75kW modular fast charger. The design enables connection to either a standard 400V system or alternatively a high-voltage 11kV supply through the inclusion of an onboard transformer.

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