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The power of bi-directional EV charging, with Emporia Energy

Bi-directional charging has massive potential to be a game-changer in the EV world. It provides consumers an affordable way to store excess energy generation and reuse it on demand whenever they want. A driver can fill his or her car battery during the day when the sun is out and reuse it in the evening

EV charging infrastructure is growing, but it must grow more!

Look, we just saw a charging station at a bank in Akron, Ohio. That must be a sign that these things have got to be darn near popping up everywhere at this point, right? Not quite. Honestly, though, the numbers aren’t terrible. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are 46,286 locations in the

Is the U.S. serious about viable hydrogen fuel infrastructure?

Critical to the success of fuel cell vehicles will be the rollout of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and the production of cheap “green” hydrogen – low carbon hydrogen made from renewable electricity and water. Want more Amped EV podcast? Click here. Here’s a transcript of the show: David: Today we’re talking about hydrogen again. Jason Morgan:

Biden’s infrastructure bill & EV logistics – with ACERTUS

The folks at ACERTUS know a thing or two about EVs. Through a combination of technology, expertise and infrastructure, ACERTUS is a comprehensive automotive logistics company with the ability to move, store, recondition, title and deliver vehicles anywhere in North America. That’s why Trent Broberg, CEO of ACERTUS, is the perfect person to pepper with

What to expect from EV charging in 2022 – with ChargePoint

The EV charging infrastructure market is changing rapidly. Where is the charging segment going in 2022? What trends will emerge as infrastructure legislation is implemented? It takes a real pro in the EV charging market to answer questions like this without just plain guessing. That’s why on today’s episode we’ve invited Rich Mohr, global vice

Yeah, but what’s the EV range?

We talk about some of the innovative ways OEMs are extending EV range for customers, how driver behavior affects EV range, and more.

What is this hydrogen fuel cell hype I am hearing?

Let’s chart the partnerships that are tackling hydrogen technology to get an idea if this fuel is bound to take off.

What’s setting the stage for future EV growth?

We discuss the latest electrification research as well as some of the fun EV-focused vehicles found during Industry Week.