ZM Trucks debuts five EV truck models

ZM Trucks debuts five EV truck models

The company's new Asian-market production trucks include models in the Class 4, 5, 6 and "baby8" segments.

ZM Trucks made its debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas from May 20-23. As the western expression of ZO Motors, ZM Trucks presented five models in the Class 4, 5, 6 and “baby8” segments, expected to be on sale before the end of 2024. ZM Trucks said each model is optimized for local market needs and will be assembled in North America and compliant with all North American regulations, using platforms that have accumulated millions of real-world driving miles, resulting in zero-emission work trucks, offering total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) advantages versus traditional diesel trucks.

“ZM Trucks isn’t your typical untested startup. As a subsidiary of ZO Motors Tokyo, our zero-emissions vehicles are grounded in proven and reliable technology, as well as solid funding and access to supply chain resources and partnerships that would be out of reach for most brands starting out,” Joost de Vries, CEO of ZM Trucks said. “ZM Trucks will offer tangible financial, operational, and regulatory competitive advantages, such as improved cost-per-mile performance, decreased downtime for maintenance, better city-center access due to noise abatement regulations, and enhanced driver comfort.”

ZM Trucks said it provides cost-efficient charging, making battery electric vehicle driving hassle-free with powerful 20 kW AC charging solutions, alongside standard DC charging options. A standard 220v/100a circuit will allow for overnight charging. The company said these trucks are designed with clean back-of-cab and chassis rails, enabling efficient and easy upfit solutions, and are available dual electric Power Takeoffs (ePTOs) on all cab/chassis platforms.

ZM Trucks said it also provides comprehensive support, aiding customers not only with initial paperwork to access State incentives but also with the ongoing reporting requirements. Beyond truck sales, ZM Trucks said it offers complete transportation solutions, including service, diagnostics, parts support, and a cloud-based fleet management system designed to optimize drivers and routes, all focused on reducing cost-per-mile.

The Asian-market production models displayed at ACT Expo included the ZM4, ZM8, ZMx FCEV and ZM22. See below for details and basic specs on the North American versions coming later in 2024:

  • ZM4 – A class 4 battery-electric van with a unibody design, high payload and 132 kWh HV battery.
    • Range: 150 miles;
    • Payload: 5,730 lbs.;
    • Cargo:497cu.ft.;
    • 130 kW E-Axle with underfloor HV batteries; and
    • AC Charging: 20% – 100% in 5.5 hrs.
  • ZM8 – A class 6 BEV, ZM8 is equipped with almost 80 inches of roof height. The ZM8 platform has been sold in Asian countries since early 2022, with more than 6,000 units on the road and over 125,000,000 miles already accumulated.
    • Range: 160 miles;
    • Payload: 12,900 lbs.;
    • 200 kW E-axle with in-frame 132 kWh HV battery;
    • ePTO:15kW+30kW; and
    • Box sizes: 18’ – 22’.
  • ZM8 FCEV – A class 6 fuel cell EV with over 2,500,000 miles already accumulated.
    • Range: 186 miles;
    • Payload: 13,560 lbs.;
    • Fuel cell power: 110 kW;
    • Hydrogen storage: 26 lbs.;
    • Rapid refueling: 5 min; and
    • ePTO: 15kW + 30 kW.
  • ZM22 – A Class 8 BEV with a drivetrain in various Asian brands. Ground-up EV chassis designed with 264 kWh in-frame HV batteries and a 2-speed, dual motor e-Axle capable of 500 kW peak power.
    • Range: 162 miles;
    • Payload: 34,060 lbs.;
    • ePTO: 20kW + 60 kW;
    • 240 kW DC charging: 20%-80% in 36 min; and
    • Box sizes: 22’ – 26’.
  • ZM22 FCEV – A Class 8 fuel cell electric vehicle with the same e-Axle as the battery electric ZM22 and supported by a 60 kWh in-frame HV battery.
    • Range: 311 miles;
    • Payload: 34,720 lbs.;
    • Fuel cell power: 200 kW;
    • ePTO: 20kW + 60 kW;
    • Hydrogen storage: 66 lbs.; and
    • Rapid refueling: 11 minutes.

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