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ZiGGY EV charging robot will reserve parking spot, deliver ads


EV Safe Charge has unveiled ZiGGY a mobile EV charging robot. ZiGGY will bring EV charging to parking facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, fleet operators and property owners, providing cost-effective charging and overcoming the limitations of stationary EV chargers without the need for electrical infrastructure, the company says. In addition, ZiGGY’s digital ad server can generate advertising revenue for the facility and display customized information.

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ZiGGY will be summoned to an EV via mobile app or in-vehicle infotainment system and will arrive at the vehicle’s parking space, ready to reserve the spot for plug-in charging, the company says. ZiGGY is able to return to its home base for recharging from grid, battery or solar energy, or a combination of these.


ZiGGY can also be chosen for offsite charging if no infrastructure is available or desired onsite. The company says ZiGGY is equipped with two screens that serve as informational kiosks or interactive advertising displays. EV Safe Charge will lease ZiGGY to deliver “Charging as a Service” to facilities and provide ongoing technical support and maintenance.

ZiGGY is currently scheduled to enter production in 2023.



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