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Zero Motorcycles upgrades battery, shows off 2022 SR

The 2022 SR is powered by a motor tuned to deliver 122 ft.-lb. of torque, 74 HP, and reach a top speed of 104 MPH.


Zero Motorcycles has announced improvements to the company’s largest Z-Force lithium-ion batteries as well as the 2022 Zero SR motorcycle.

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Zero has boosted the energy density in its batteries by up to 20%. Thanks to significant advances in battery design and architecture, these improved power packs come in two standard capacities of 14.4+ kWh and 15.6+ kWh. The “+” designation noted in the pack size indicates additional capacity increase opportunities of up to 17.3 kWh. The larger 15.6+ kWh battery configuration will be available on the premium street models of the 2022 SR/S and SR/F and the 14.4+ kWh will come on standard SR/S and SR/F as well as the new 2022 SR.

All three models will be able to increase their capacity through an on-demand upgrade. Maximizing the capacity of the new batteries through those upgrades and combining it with the optional Power Tank creates nearly 21 kWh of onboard energy storage. Zero’s onboard battery delivers 227 miles of city range and 113 miles at 70 mph, the company says.


Owners will unlock these additional battery capacities through the brand new Cypher Store. The Cypher Store is an on-demand marketplace of feature upgrades for Zero Motorcycles.

The 2022 SR is built on Zero’s exposed steel trellis frame. The 2022 SR is powered by the ZF 75-10 motor tuned to deliver 122 ft.-lb. of torque, 74 hp, and reaches a top speed of 104 mph. Enabling the Speed & Performance Boost via the Cypher Store unlocks the full capabilities of the motor as well as upgrades the SR to Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, which adds cornering capabilities to its existing straight-line ABS, traction control and drag torque controls, the company says.


When equipped with all available Cypher Store battery capacity upgrades and the additional Power Tank accessory, available in early 2022, the SR’s total battery capacity can be increased to 20.9 kWh. Also new to the SR is the ability to charge from the public EV charging network via standard J1772 connections. The 2022 SR comes in Thermal Red, retails for $17,995, and will ship to Zero Motorcycles dealerships worldwide through Q1 2022.

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