Wyoming bill proposes to ban EV sales by 2035

Wyoming bill proposes to ban EV sales by 2035

Sponsors say EVs don't make sense in the state due to a lack of infrastructure and the importance of gas and oil sales.

A group of Wyoming legislators is championing a bill proposing to ban the sale of electrified vehicles in the state, citing a lack of charging infrastructure and the importance of gas and oil sales to the local economy. Sponsored by Senator Dick Anderson (R) and co-sponsored by Senators Brian Boner (R), Edward Cooper (R) and Dan Dockstader (R); and Representatives Donald Burkhart Jr. (R) and Bill Henderson (R), Senate Joint Resolution No. SJ0004 proposes that the sale of new EVs in Wyoming be phased out by 2035.

A few of the reasons that banning EV sales in the state makes sense are, according to the bill:

  • Oil and gas production are valued industries and create revenue and jobs within the state;
  • There’s a lack of EV infrastructure, and building out new infrastructure will require “massive amounts of new power generation;”
  • EV batteries require minerals not easily found domestically, and these minerals are not easily recyclable or disposable; and
  • EVs “will be detrimental to Wyoming’s economy and the ability for the country to efficiently engage in commerce.”

According to the state’s transportation department, Wyoming is set to receive about $24 million over five years from the federal government to help build out charging infrastructure on Interstates 80, 25 and 90.

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