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WAE working to advance battery thermal runway understanding


Imperial College London and Williams Advanced Engineering are working on a project to bridge the gap between thermofluid science and battery electrochemistry, developing a multiphase, multiphysics model of battery failure via thermal runaway (a self-sustaining cascade of exothermic reactions that produce large volumes of gas). The model will consider gas dynamics and its interactions with electrochemical and thermal behaviors, with the goal of advancing the understanding of initiation and propagation of the thermal runaway processes and accelerating the design of countermeasures. 

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The work that the electrochemical science and engineering research group at Imperial College London has achieved in the battery field aligns with WAE’s interest in offering greater battery safety and longevity, the company says. Achieving this will deliver cost-effective electrification solutions. 

Applying the multiphase, multiphysics modeling toolsets will enable the design of safer battery packs with fewer iterations and physical tests, WAE says.



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