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Volta Trucks reveals new running prototype chassis

The first running Volta Zero prototype chassis includes an HV battery from Proterra and a compact eAxle from Meritor.


Volta Trucks has revealed the first running prototype chassis of the Volta Zero, a purpose-built, full-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle designed specifically for inner-city logistics. The first running Volta Zero prototype chassis has been designed and built using the proposed production specification frame and drivetrain components of the finished vehicle. This includes the high-voltage battery supplied by Proterra, and the compact eAxle – the integrated rear axle, electric motor and transmission unit, from Meritor. The company says the Volta Zero will be Europe’s first commercial vehicle to use an innovative eAxle for increased efficiency and vehicle range.

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The new prototype chassis adds the proposed production specification frame and drivetrain and will be able to drive at normal road speeds. Volta Trucks says the prototype chassis is due to start a comprehensive testing program on proving grounds soon, with learnings taken into the production of a pilot fleet of vehicles expected to be delivered in late 2021.

These vehicles will be tested by Volta Trucks engineers, as well as being evaluated by key customers who have signed up for both testing and the option on the series production, to develop their understanding of how the Volta Zero will integrate into their operations. Full-scale production of customer-specification vehicles will then follow at the end of 2022, according to the company.

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