Volta designs off-grid hauler to enable EV off-road racing

Volta designs off-grid hauler to enable EV off-road racing

The trailer an be recharged from shore, solar, or from a specialty-upfitted Dodge RAM with a secondary alternator.

Volta Power Systems has partnered with Dave Cole, Ultra4 and Optima Batteries to create a technology demonstration hub for EV off-road racing at this year’s King of the Hammers. Included at the site are several demonstrations.

  • Volta is showing a 42’ Grand Design fifth wheel toy hauler with a 36kWh li-ion system, 2,250W of solar, and an exportable EV charger for EV toys. The trailer can be recharged from shore, solar, or from a specialty-upfitted Dodge RAM with a secondary alternator.
  • Optima Batteries will be charging off-road Rivian EVs from their mobile Power Station (also houses a Volta system) and deployable solar.
  • Dave Cole’s Ultra4 EV Spec Class rock climber will be charging from the trailer at the site each day in between trips. The OptimaUnplugged event on Feb. 8 will provide opportunities to ride along.

The 2023 Progressive King of the Hammers takes place in Johnson Valley, a dry lakebed in southern California, over two weeks of racing, camping, music, food and off-roading.

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