Volta Charging launches PredictEV for EV infrastructure planning

Volta Charging launches PredictEV for EV infrastructure planning

PredictEV analyzes local mobility, demographic, corporate and site-specific data at scale to identify key planning drivers for charging.

Volta Industries Inc. has launched its PredictEV product, a machine learning and artificial intelligence solution for infrastructure planning, with a multi-year commitment from Southern Co., the second-largest utility company in the United States.

The PredictEV product was created to support Volta Charging’s electric vehicle charging network and is now available to corporate, public agency, government, consulting and utility organizations planning to meet the coming demand for EV charging infrastructure development.

Using advanced AI and analytics, the PredictEV product aggregates disparate data sets to turn them into actionable insights for EV stakeholders, the company says. The product analyzes local mobility, demographic, corporate and site-specific data at scale to identify key planning drivers such as suitable vehicle charging locations, the right mix of charging infrastructure (Level 2 v. DC fast charging), and expected EV adoption in a particular geography.

Southern Co., which serves more than 4.3 million electric power customers in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, says it expects to use the product to guide its plans to meet rising EV demand and to create new EV product offerings for its customers. This commitment expands upon Volta’s existing collaboration with Southern Co.’s subsidiary, Alabama Power, to support data-driven EV infrastructure planning in its service territory.

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