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Three fun Tesla facts

Tesla spends far less on advertising than the industry average of about $485 per car sold. Now that’s fun!


Think for a second about all those cool Tesla commercials out there right now. You know, the tons and tons of hilarious yet informational 30-second advertisements telling you cool facts about Tesla and why to buy them? We have all seen those, right?

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If you are saying yes, you are definitely lying to not only me but yourself. Come on man, have more respect!

Actually, Tesla doesn’t advertise. In fact, while Tesla spends zero dollars on advertising, other industry leaders in the automotive space average about $485 in advertising per car sold. Instead, the electric car and technology manufacturer says that any money they would spend on advertising just goes to research and development.

And it shows. In fact, Tesla spends more on R&D than any other automaker, according to a recent data analysis from StockApps.com. The data says Tesla spends $2,984 on R&D per car produced, three times the industry average and higher than the collective R&D budgets of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler per car.


Look to a Tesla’s performance for evidence of the company’s mad R&D dash strategy. According to a recent study conducted by Cararac.com, Tesla has increased its vehicles’ engine power and torque by nearly a quarter within its 13 years of business. The EV company has managed to gain 23.4% more power, 21.2% higher torque, and a 7% higher top speed.

Here’s something you might not expect: Tesla was recently named the cheapest EV to charge & drive in a recent Zutobi study. The study calculated the cost of running over 100 different electric vehicles, and found that Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor is the most efficient electric vehicle to run. Covering 100 miles on just $3.29 of charge allows it to travel over 3,000 miles for $100 worth of charging up. In second place was the standard Tesla Model 3, which covers 100 miles of electricity for only $3.45.

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