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The electric last mile


Here’s the definitive truth: As the technology stands today, electric vehicles are a fantastic fit for some applications and not so great for others. Last-mile delivery, those routes that bring a product from the warehouse shelf to the customer’s doorstep, happens to fall into that first category. EVs fit in so well here because last-mile offers defined routes that can be planned to maximize the electric vehicle’s range and recharging opportunities.

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We’ve already seen a few big names – including Walmart, FedEx and Amazon – jump into electrification with this application. So, now that electrification has had some time to mingle with last-mile, how are things going, and where do we see them headed? On today’s episode, we find out.


This is an audio-only version of our episode discussing today’s last-mile electrification. Go ahead, you’re already here – take a listen! But, if you’re looking for moving pictures, click here.

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Amped EV Podcast

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