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ElectraMeccanica and Tevva announce proposed merger

The combined company will operate as Tevva, Inc.

Tevva, ZF collaborate on regenerative braking system

The Tevva 7.5t battery-electric truck uses a blend of regenerative and compressed air brakes.

Tevva to begin electric truck mass production in the UK

Tevva can now start producing and selling its electric truck in volume across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Are hydrogen vehicles worth the cost of hydrogen?

You don’t see many hydrogen-powered vehicles out there. But, if it can be produced cheaply, hydrogen’s stock will rise.

Tevva hydrogen-electric truck launches in the UK

Electric and hydrogen truck company Tevva has launched its 7.5-tonne hydrogen fuel cell-supported heavy goods vehicle (HGV) with a 310-mile range, manufactured, designed and mass-produced in the UK. By adding a hydrogen fuel cell system to its battery-electric HGV design, Tevva says the fuel cell system tops up the battery, extending the vehicle’s range and