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Thousands oppose California’s mandate banning new gas-powered vehicle sales

SEMA members and industry consumers sent EPA over 5,000 letters in opposition to the ACC II Waiver.

EV charging stations
SEMA 2023 to explore future vehicle propulsion

SEMA says its FutureTech Studio explores future vehicle propulsion, featuring parts that cater to new technology and alternative fuels.

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SEMA 2023 to explore future vehicle propulsion

SEMA says the FutureTech Studio explores new parts and alternative fuels.

Redline Detection to Show Off All-Electric EV Cobra at SEMA

Redline Detection will display a limited-production, fully electric Scorpion 600 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nov. 1-4. The Scorpion 600 is the first production model from Scorpion EV, designed and built in California. It’s a 600-horsepower sports car with a fully electric powertrain and a range of 400 miles. SEMA Show attendees can

SEMA Electrified will cover 21k sq. ft. this year

This year’s SEMA Show will include more features and activities to help showgoers learn about the opportunities emerging technology offers the automotive aftermarket. SEMA Electrified – a 21,000-square-foot space in Booth 11268 of North Hall– will be dedicated to EV platforms and conversions. The four-day B2B event will include EV-related seminars, programs, and activities throughout

What’s setting the stage for future EV growth?

Last month on this podcast, I spoke with Jason Morgan, editor of Fleet Equipment about the EV advancements we can expect to see in the next few years, the solutions to the biggest issues facing electrification today and what an evolving supply chain means for the consumer world. We had a great time – we laughed,

What’s setting the stage for future EV growth?

We discuss the latest electrification research as well as some of the fun EV-focused vehicles found during Industry Week.

Hypercraft, Geiser Bros. unveil EV desert race truck at SEMA

The 1,600 HP race truck was featured in the North Hall at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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SEMA Electrified photo gallery

This year SEMA featured an “electrified” section of the show – a small area in the North Hall dedicated to all things EV.

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Redline Detection unveils EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector at SEMA

The Battery + Coolant Leak Detector was designed to test the integrity of battery enclosures in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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EVs, hybrids to be 45% of U.S. light vehicle sales in 2035

Eighteen of the top 20 global automakers plan to scale up their production of electric vehicles in the near future.

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