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Volkswagen unveils affordable EV under $27K

The ID. 2all will have a range of approximately 280 miles per charge.

Hydrogen passenger vehicle sales slowly gaining traction

The U.S. hasn’t made much progress implementing this technology, but hydrogen deployment is accelerating in Europe and Asia.

Autonomy EV subscriptions available on J.D. Power website

Autonomy is now offering access to its services on Now, consumers shopping for a vehicle on will be able to learn more about EV subscriptions by clicking on an Autonomy ad on the website. The Autonomy service is currently available in California and is gearing up for expansion to other regions of the

Automotive technology firms launch EV video education platform

Three automotive technology and research industry firms have partnered to create videos about EVs to help consumers find the right vehicle for their needs. inSearchX, a consulting and advisory service organization, says its AskOtto quiz uses AI to scientifically recommend EV models that fit the needs and lifestyles of the consumer. Consumers answer five questions

Cadillac previews Celestiq electric sedan

Cadillac recently unveiled its all-electric Celestiq show car, which the company says is conceived to lead Cadillac’s electric future. The vehicle serves as a touchstone for the Cadillac design and engineering teams, who continue to develop Celestiq as it moves closer to production, the company says. Highlights of Cadillac’s show car include five high-definition, advanced

Chrysler shows Airflow concept, future all-electric lineup

The Chrysler brand revealed its Airflow Concept and announced the brand will launch of its first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and a future all-electric vehicle lineup by 2028. Chrysler says the new connected vehicle integrates the STLA Brain platform and STLA SmartCockpit to deliver seamless connectivity to transform the experience for driver and passengers. The concept

Arrival reveals electric car designed for ride-hailing

Arrival announced its partnership with Uber to develop an affordable, purpose-built EV for ride-hailing drivers earlier this year.

Mercedes reveals super fuel-efficient concept EV, Vision EQXX

The vehicle’s lightweight design, battery innovations and new materials give the car a range of over 620 miles on a single charge.

California could have first sustainable hydrogen fueling network

Additional public funding of about $300 million will be needed to achieve a fully self-sufficient market, a recent report says.

CARB-Self-Sufficiency-Report 1400
Alpha Motor previews Supersaga electric sedan

Supersaga will be equipped with a high-torque, dual-axial motor with an estimated 0-60 acceleration time of 4.6 seconds.

Sedans are the best solar-power fit, research shows

The small and sleek design of these vehicles improves the efficiency of solar panels.

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Moke to be released only as EVs from 2022 on

The use of aluminium panels has reduced the weight of the vehicle, while the instant torque from the electric motor enhances acceleration.

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